Pigweed, purslane, and other easy crops

redroot pigweedI’ve realized that I can’t hunt, raise, or grow enough food to feed my family. Our garden did pretty well this year, but we just don’t have the room to grow enough veggies for a family of 5. Hunting of course is illegal in suburbia, and I have room to raise maybe 6 to 8 rabbits and 3 chickens. I can’t do anything about the meat situation, but I can do something about the veggies: “growing” weeds. No kidding. Redroot pigweed, purslane, and dandelions all grow (like weeds) in my yard with no input of effort from me. All 3 are very nutritious. All 3 look like weeds (because they are) instead of some kind of prepper food source. Best of all I have hundreds of acres available to grow them on.

Pigweed, purslane, dandelions, cattails, etc…

Redroot pigweed, purslane, and dandelions all grow in my yard. I didn’t plant them, they just showed up one day. I don’t water or fertilize them. They just grow, and grow very well. Besides those 3, there is a large low area near my house that’s full of cattails (and ducks, frogs, rabbits, etc. – but that’s another post). Besides that, there is lots of vacant land where I can scatter seeds and have even more pigwwed and purslane. I’m pretty sure no one will pick my crop, and I won’t even have to tend my crop.

I’ve been thinking about stealth gardening or guerilla gardening for awhile, and edible weeds are the perfect crop for it. Actually they grow so easily it’s hard to even consider it as gardening. The only downside would be if the city decides to eradicate the “weeds.” There is so much land I can put these where no one will notice, though, that I’m not to worried about that. Now about those crops:

Redroot Pigweed

Redwood pigweed grows great in my arid environment. Most people eat it like spinach, either boiled or raw. The seeds are tiny but edible and very nutritious.  If you pick it from heavily fertilized soil, it might be unsafe to eat due to high nitrate content. More info on pigweed…


Purslane is another weed vegetable that grows really well in my area. I haven’t actually tried this one yet because I just found out about it. I have lots of it in the little dirt strip between the sidewalk and curb in front of my house. More info on purslane…


Yet another weed that’s actually more nutritious than some vegetables sold in stores. You can eat the leaves, flowers, and even use the roots as a coffee substitute. In me experience these need more water than pigweed and purslane, but they taste better. Like anything, don’t pick them from areas that have been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. More info on dandelions…


Just about every part of a cattail plant can be eaten from root to seed pod. Cattails are big, invasive, and require a very wet growing area. Probably not the best choice for growing in a small yard in the desert. If you live near where they grow though, they’re a great addition to your prepper “gardening” activities. More info on cattails…

So there you have it. Four plants that are easy to grow. So easy in fact you don’t even really have to “grow” them. Just find them, eat, and enjoy.

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