365 Photo Project, Day 7

Foot is feeling worse today so I decided to look through my seeds. These are what I could find, my wife must fave put the rest somewhere. I’m missing carrots, spinach, kale, rutabega, and summer squash. I usually buy from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds or Territorial Seed Company. These seeds were packaged for 2019 so we’ll see how the do… … Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 6

I was hoping to take my son on a long hike, but woke up this morning with a sore left foot. Doesn’t look too swollen yet but decided to take it easy. This is the pack I “was” going to wear, loaded up to about 25 lbs. Last time this happened, I fixed the problem by doing leg workouts 3 … Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 4

The point of this picture isn’t the rear slide cover, it’s the focus of the sights. Actually this post doesn’t even do that justice because my eyes can see them better than my iPhone can focus on them. A month ago, it was all a blur unless I wore readers. That, of course, put the target out of focus too … Read the rest

There is no normal life…

If 2020 taught me one thing, it’s that there is no normal life, there is just life. We had (have) a pandemic, the economy went to shit, and in my opinion so did the political climate. Lots of people I know are hoping and praying for life to get “back to normal” while others are complaining about “the new normal. … Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 3

Spent the afternoon working on my coyote rig. First time I’ve used a PRS stock. This thing is heavy, but super solid. I really like the adjustability too. Now if only I could find primers so I could work up some accurate loads for my Rainier ultra match barrel…

Peace out,
porcupine… Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 2

It was cloudy today, but 47 outside and not much wind so perfect weather for a walk. I can’t go hunting until my eye heals, so I stuck to the neighborhood. I hate the traffic, I hate that they keep building more and more, and I miss solitude. Even so, this shot of the sky reminds me that beauty can … Read the rest

Goodbye to 2020

Time to say goodbye to 2020. It was easily the strangest year of my life, but it was actually a pretty good year from me. I didn’t lose any family or friends to the virus. We got our house paid off. I went to Washingto DC with some friends for a Stop the Steal rally. I had cataract surgery so … Read the rest

My new rules for target shooting

Traget ShootingA few months ago I got the chance to go shooting on a Saturday with some friends. I love going shooting, so I was really looking forward to it. It was OK, but not as much fun as usual. The high price of ammo weighed heavily on my mind. I did get to shoot an AR15 (not mine) chambered in … Read the rest