Thoughts on the GHB (Get Home Bag)

My thoughts on get home bags after looking at lots of blog posts, “reviews,” bag dumps, and YouTube videos is – most people carry way too much crap in their Get Home Bag (GHB). Sure, it’s good to be prepared, but how many people really need 40 lbs of stuff to walk 10 or 15 miles at the most? Are … Read the rest

Magic Fishing Kit

emergency fishing kitFishing is a good way to obtain food in a survival situation. Every survival kit – even mini kits, should have at least a basic fishing kit. At the minimum, you should carry a dozen hooks, six or so swivels, some split shot sinkers, and 50 or 100 feet of braided fishing line. With this minimal equipment you can ensure … Read the rest

What did you do to prep this week?

Day late and a dollar short, but you know the holidays… Spent last night doing a comm drill with the local Citizens Corp Program (CPP). Met a few new people and learned about how local law enforcement will react to an emergency situation. Other than that it was pretty boring. After testing radio comms we sat around monitoring local events. … Read the rest

The big green tick…

large ALICE packSo I’m looking for a pack. I already have packs but this time I’m looking for something that can be my Get Out Of Dodge pack. You know, something I can pack enough stuff in to survive, thrive, and defend with. For at least a week… I wanted something tough and cheap. Style is subjective anyway. After looking at lots … Read the rest

What did you do to prep this week?

Still prepping, just not enough every week to post about it all the time. Since the last time I thought about my weekly preps I’ve started learning about winter gardening and ordered some heirloom seeds. I’ve been spending time reading and thinking about being self sufficient instead of just buying a bunch of crap. I did get a couple new … Read the rest

Outdoor gear reviews…

kelty raven 2500It would be nice to find good, honest outdoor gear reviews online, but that is difficult at best these days it seems. I’m looking for a new pack. Nothing fancy, just big enough to hold enough stuff for a night or two out. I also want a good suspension system though, something with better support than just a set of … Read the rest

What did you do to prep this week?


This week I went to my second CERT meeting. This is a different group then the one I went to last week. Younger crowd, more people, and closer to work. I know which group I’ll be joining.


I got my fig trees and blackberry bushes planted. Also got an aloe vera plant for inside the house. I did … Read the rest