Holy MOLLE!!!

I need another pack like I need a hole in the head but sometimes I can’t help myself. I was looking for some ALICE gear for me Hellcat pack and I stumbled across this desert camo MOLLE II large pack for sale. Big deal, they’re all over the place right now. Except this one was only $86.98 plus shipping. Oh, and it’s brand new and genuine USGI. Holy MOLLE!!! How can I pass up a deal like that? I can’t. When I see something like this I lose all self control. I mean, come on… Brand New. Genuine USGI. And $87??? It would be a waste of money to NOT get one.

My new MOLLE pack…

(This will be just a quick overview, a full review will come later) With shipping, total cost was about $110. It is indeed brand new and comes fully assembled. I couldn’t find any obvious problems when I gave it a quick look over. It was missing the “US” stamp on the back, so maybe the government considered that a defect? For civilian use I think that’s a plus. It doesn’t include sustainment pouches, but it’s a big pack so I probably don’t need the extra storage. If I do, MOLLE II sustainment pouches are cheap and easy to find. Desert camo isn’t my favorite color, but that price…

To put this in perspective, this is a brand new MOLLE pack being sold for less $$$ than a new surplus ALICE pack. Heck, it’s cheaper than some used ALICE packs I’ve seen. And definitely cheaper than I’ve found MOLLE II packs anywhere else. (The more expensive ones I’ve found come with 2 sustainment pouches, but those aren’t worth a $70 higher price tag).

I’m really glad I found this deal. Usually I find these things just after the seller runs out so maybe I got lucky this time. It should make a really good long term camping or bugout bag. I just wish mine was ACU like the one in the video instead of desert camo. BTW, this guy’s (Reallybigmonkey1) YouTube channel has lots of good bushcrafting videos…

Peace out,

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