Can’t fix stupid…

I grew up in a small town. Most of the land was (is) controlled by a distant city for the water rights. A few days ago, the city proposed selling some of the land to locals as long as the city retained water rights. Predictably, some idiots living in the small town think this is JUST GREAT. One in particular, “our small town REALLY needs more housing.” So I asked why? Are there a lot of unfilled jobs? Are businesses having problems finding workers because there aren’t enough people to fill the jobs? Well, no, according to this person there aren’t enough jobs, so it’s very hard to find a job. COULD SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME how bringing in MORE workers to an already saturated job market would be good for anyone who already lives there???

So I asked her about that. Her reply was that it’s hard for employers to find people to hire because housing is too expensive. What? Just before that she said it’s hard to find a job. I’m not understanding this… it’s hard to find a job because too many people are looking for too few jobs, but somehow bringing in MORE job seekers would make it EASIER to find a job???

I guess it’s true, you can’t fix stupid

What have you been doing to prep lately?

This week’s (???) preps – January 6, 2019

This post is more about what I didn’t do than what I did. A few months ago I was talking to some friends about balanced prepping. Some of them think that people tend to get hung up on one or two favorite things and spend most of their time on money on just those things. I agreed with what they were saying – then I got home and it kind of dawned on me that I do that all the time. My preps are way out of whack…

What I didn’t do to prep…

Keeping the talk with my friends in mind, I didn’t do some things. It was hard, you know old habits die hard and all that. But I didn’t:

  • Buy any new gardening books
  • Get any new Glocks
  • Make any new lists on “preps I need”
  • Waste a bunch of time watching videos on “how to prep,” “what you need to prep,” “the best way to prep,” etc.
  • Waste money on “prepper food” I’ll probably never eat

OK, so what DID I do? I thought a lot about my prepping balance. Lets just say I figured out I’m pretty heavy on gear and very light on necessities like food and water. I’ve been working on correcting that. I already have a 5 gallon bucket each of rice and lentils which is about 3 weeks of (very bland) food for my family. I got another bucket and filled it with olive oil and seasonings which might actually make the rice and lentils taste good. I also got a case of canned salmon and a few 8-packs of Dennison’s chili to put up.

For water, I ordered a 10-pack of 3.5 gallon water bricks. Not enough, but I do have my Berkey system. I’ve also set aside enough money to get another 10 water bricks, two 55 gallon water barrels, and another set of Berkey filters. By the end of January, that gives me enough water to supply my family for a little over 3 weeks.

Besides that I’ve been looking into doing some hunting in California. I can’t (won’t) live there, but there are still good places to hunt and I’m familiar with the state. Their non-resident hunting and fishing licenses aren’t too pricey so I’ll probably be doing a lot of hunting there in the fall.

Until next time, peace out…