365 Photo Project, Day 14

When the whole WuFlu thing started, I got plate carriers for my family. With all the political violence going on, that turned out to be a good decision in my not so humble opinion. But eben if you don’t agree with the need for body armor, a plate carrier can be very useful. How? For rucking. I believe a plate carrier is better than a backpack for rucking. The backpack puts all the weight behind you, while a plate carrier distributes it equally front and back.

How much weight can you “ruck” with a plate carrier? The carrier itself weighs about 4 lbs, and cheap steel plates are about 8.5 lbs each (depending on size and cut). So a carrier plus 2 plates is about 20 lbs. That doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re old and out of shape (like me) it’s fine for starting out. It doesn’t end there though. Most plate carries have molle attachments on both front and back, so you can add pouches to hold more weight. Something to think about…

Peace out,

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