The Back Yard

Bringing the Backwoods to the Back Yard

the back yardBeing limited to the back yard for your outdoor activities might seem pretty limiting. With the right frame of mind though, it’s not that bad. Sure, you’re not going to hunt big game or fell trees in your back yard. You probably won’t be fishing in the back yard. But there’s a lot of stuff you can do. For example, you can camp in your back yard. Practice woodcraft skills. Heck, teach yourself how to use a bow drill to make a fire.

Need some ideas? Pick up any copy of The Backwoodsman and take a look at the Table of Contents and reader requests. Every month, both are full of ideas that you can practice in your back yard, home, or neighborhood. If you don’t have access to the magazine, here’s a list to get you started. Some are practical, some are fun, some are both. Some might not be legal in your area. If in doubt, check local laws. I’ll keep this updated, so if you don’t see something you like now, check again soon.

Things to do in the back yard or home

  1. Homestead your house
  2. Plant a garden
  3. Landscape to attract wildlife
  4. Build a bird house or bird feeder
  5. Learn to trap birds and rabbits
  6. Build a large emergency water store “water feature”
  7. Build a rain water collection system
  8. Make a fire pit
  9. Practice your fire making skills
  10. Learn how to cook over an open fire
  11. Learn how to cook with a Dutch oven
  12. Make a pellet trap
  13. Target practice with an air rifle
  14. Build a black powder rifle or pistol
  15. Sign your kid up for a Hunter Safety Course
  16. Build a knife from a kit
  17. Build a small forge and learn how to make your own blades
  18. Learn how to make fishing lures or tie fishing flies
  19. Go to the park and practice fly casting
  20. Collect old hand tools and learn how to repair/restore them
  21. Build a smoker and start smoking meat
  22. Buy or build a food dehydrator
  23. Start a compost pile
  24. Go camping in your backyard
  25. Build a shelter from a tarp
  26. Set up a base camp in your backyard
  27. Learn to read maps and compass
  28. Put together a survival kit
  29. Put together a get home bag
  30. Make a “get home” plan and put together a get home bag
  31. Go on a walk about, see how far you can REALLY walk in a day
  32. Buy Forging the Hero by John Mosby and read about building resilient communities
  33. After reading the above book, go out and meet some of your neighbors
  34. Get involved in 4-H. If you have kids, get them involved too