There is no normal life…

If 2020 taught me one thing, it’s that there is no normal life, there is just life. We had (have) a pandemic, the economy went to shit, and in my opinion so did the political climate. Lots of people I know are hoping and praying for life to get “back to normal” while others are complaining about “the new normal. Both views are wrong imo. There is no normal life, only life. No one – not even in ‘Merica – gets to decide with 100% certainty what life will bring.

I like to think the kind of people who read Backwoodsman Magizine or even this blog are into self sufficiency and being able to take care of things themselves. Also good people who have the backs of their kith and kin. I don’t know that, but I hope it’s true…

So… what do I do when life stops being “normal”? I can waste time and energy worrying about things beyond my control, or I can focus my time and energy on things I can control. Instead of worrying about losing my job, I can figure out ways to earn money on the side. I can worry about the food supply, or I can start producing my own food. Do I choose to live in fear of getting sick, cowering in my house and hiding behind a mask, or embrace what freedoms we still have as much as possible?

I choose life and freedom. I don’t know what normal means any more. I knew what life was like growing up, and it was pretty sweet. Small town, 2 loving parents, both had stable jobs, large extended family. Like I said, pretty nice. I know quite a few people who had it a lot harder than I did (do), and a couple people that had it much “better,” at least financially. But most of my friends are doing OK – financially and emotionally. I’t not w,hat you got or what life gives you, it’s what you do with it.

Expecting 2021 to be better than last year?

I don’t. Actually 2020 wasn’t a bad year for me, except for restrictions on church and being forced to wear a mask some times. I didn’t lose any friends to the Wuhan virus, and I kept my job. I even made a lot of new friends, something that’s rare for me (being pretty much a loner). I’m not expecting 2021 to be so rosie though.


I’ve already been told that my contract won’t be renewed when it ends this June, so as of July 1 I’ll be unemployed. Thankfully, because of my wife’s money management skills our house is paid off. We also don’t have any car loans to worry about. Most of my friends aren’t this lucky though, and I worry about them. For myself though, I’m actually looking forward to being unemployed.

I have some ideas for making money on the side. Small welding jobs, learning to make Kydex holsters, maybe even getting an FFL and doing a little gunsmithing work. I’ll have a lot of time to spend on our garden and I want to get into raising rabbits and chickens, so our food bill should be a lot lower than now (and we’ll also be more immune from any disruptions in the food supply chain). I’ll also have a lot more time for hunting and fishing, and one of my friends is taking me deer hunting in Wyoming this fall.


I expect the political scene in the US to get much worse in 2021. “President” Biden is bought and paid for by China and has a horrible record on civil rights, especially the 2nd Amendment. Harris is even worse. The left has been “cancelling” people (doxing them and harrassing their employers) and now it looks like they’re moving to criminalize any speech – even any opinion – that doesn’t agree with “progressive” dogma. I plan on keeping my head down, ny mouth shut, staying under the radar, and praying that in 2 years the communists get voted out of the House and Senate, with a non-Communist getting elected President again in 2024.

Covid 19

I believe the WuFlu (“Covid 19”) is real, but I can also see – CLEARLY – that is being weaponized by our elected “leaders” to strip us of our civil liberties. Think I’m wrong? Ask yourself this: if it’s really so dangerous, why does the political class ignore THEIR OWN restrictions that they impose on the rest of us? Why, in Nevada, were churches shut down “for our own safety” but bars and brothels allowed to stay open? You read that right. Whore houses were deemed essential and allowed to stay open, but churches were forced to close.

We’re told that shutdowns are necesarry (again “for our own good”), but countries that haven’t shut down have lower infections than the US, and in the US, some of the states with the most stringent restrictions have the highest infection (and death) rates for Covid. Could someone please expalin this to me? First we were told that masks weren’t necesarry except for first responders. Then we were told that masks were necesarry and would stop the spread of the virus. After that we’re told that masks won’t stop us from catching WuFlu, but would prevent us from infecting other people.

Wait for the vaccine we’re told… only to be told that now the vaccine is available we still “need” to wear masks anyway. For what? Meanwhile, there’s talk in the political class of making the WuFlu vaccine mandatory, requiring people to carry proof of vaccination, and locking up people who refuse to get it. Here’s another question: If the vaccine is effective, then why do we “need” to keep wearing masks? Also, if it really is effective, then my choosing not to get it should not affect ANYONE who does get vaccinated, right? Oh, and New York is considereing a law “authorizing” the government to forcibly remove people from their own homes if the governor deemd them a threat to public health by virtue of being infected with whatever the government deems a “health risk.” In America. The FORMER “land of the free.”

With that said, I’m not a Covid denier. I know it’s serious, especially for those in high risk groups. Still, the survival rate is over 98.5%, even if you count groups that are high risk – obese, having heart or respiratory disease, over 70, etc. Nevertheless I do my part. I wear a mask if a store requires it because I respect the right of a business to control access to their own property. If I’m around people and could potentially exposed, I wear a mask when I visit her (she has several risk factors).  I’m not planning on gettine the vaccine though, at least until it’s proven safe and effective. Given early results, I’m NOT AT ALL convinced of its safety.

Next time, part 2…

OK I was hoping to wrap this up in a single post but I’m starting to ramble. Next time I’ll try to tie all this together and how I relate it to my Backyardsman life. In the mean time, take care. As my son would say “Be careful, be safe, and be happy.” There is no normal life, there is just life. Live it to the fullest and enjoy it. Don’t be controlled by fear or wanna-be dictators.

Peace out,

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