I grew up in a small town in California. During the summer, fishing was a daily thing. Rock hounding, hiking, hunting, and exploring thousands of acres of open land were other things I enjoyed.

Then one day I had to move to the city to get a job. Got married, bought a house, had a kid, all the normal things. Life was (and is) good… but I miss the outdoors. About a year ago I saw a magazine cover offering an article on eating dandelions. I’d never heard of the magazine – the Backwoodsman Magazine – but I was interested in wild edible plants so I took a chance and bought it.

The Backwoodsman soon became my favorite magazine. I ordered some back issues and waited impatiently every two months for the newest issue to come out. They are all full of great articles for anyone who likes the outdoors. One article in particular talked about doing backwoods things when you can’t get out to the Back Woods.

I decided to start doing outdoor-type stuff in my own back yard.