365 Photo Project, Day 16

Went coyote hunting with some friends today. Didn’t see any coyotes, but we did run into some wild horses. Either way, it was good to get out. Kind of amazed (alarmed?) at how many other people were out and about. This area is getting WAY too effing crowded…

Peace out,
porcupine… Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 14

When the whole WuFlu thing started, I got plate carriers for my family. With all the political violence going on, that turned out to be a good decision in my not so humble opinion. But eben if you don’t agree with the need for body armor, a plate carrier can be very useful. How? For rucking. I believe a plate … Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 13

Took my RIA 1911 Compact (Commander-sized) out today and it was “no joy.” Every shot fired resulted in a jam as pictured. I was running Wolf ammo, but this is the first time I’ve shot this gun so I don’t know if it’s the ammo or the gun. It looks like the back end of the fired case is hooking … Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 11

Not much going on today, but I do have to go into work. All 3 of these are my project vehicles, something to do when I retire. The truck is my daily driver, but I still need to outfit it for off road. The 2 stationwagons don’t run right now, but will be running by the end of summer. The … Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 10

My upcoming retirement at the end of June is official now, so I’m looking into ways to make money once I don’t have a paycheck anymore. A few years back I read a book on gardeneing for profit. One way they talked about was microgreens (i.e. sprouted seeds). This is something that I can do inside and doesn’t take a … Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 9

My foot is feeling a lot better and looking a lot less swollen, but I decided to take it easy anyway. Went for a drive insead of going for a walk. This is about 20 miles north of my house. I love going out here, but the drive to get hear is depressing with all the new construction going on. … Read the rest

365 Photo Project, Day 8

Sorry to gross anyone out… lol. This is why I can’t get out and take decent pictures these days. I had to go into work yesterday to sign some papers. The good news is, my early retirement is almost final. The bad news is, my left foot… Guess I should have stayed off of it. Can barely get my shoe … Read the rest