365 Photo Project, Day 4

The point of this picture isn’t the rear slide cover, it’s the focus of the sights. Actually this post doesn’t even do that justice because my eyes can see them better than my iPhone can focus on them. A month ago, it was all a blur unless I wore readers. That, of course, put the target out of focus too … Read the rest

There is no normal life…

If 2020 taught me one thing, it’s that there is no normal life, there is just life. We had (have) a pandemic, the economy went to shit, and in my opinion so did the political climate. Lots of people I know are hoping and praying for life to get “back to normal” while others are complaining about “the new normal. … Read the rest

Goodbye to 2020

Time to say goodbye to 2020. It was easily the strangest year of my life, but it was actually a pretty good year from me. I didn’t lose any family or friends to the virus. We got our house paid off. I went to Washingto DC with some friends for a Stop the Steal rally. I had cataract surgery so … Read the rest

Wuhan Virus – It’s Too Late!!!

wuhan (corona) virus If you wait for a crisis to prepare for a crisis, it’s too late. Here’s an example: Last Thursday (March 5), the county I live in announced the first presumptive case of Wuhan virus (a.k.a. coronavirus). ONE person out of about 460,000. My wife called me from Costco the next morning (she shops then because usually they’re slow then). The … Read the rest

Solitude in the city?

Solitude in the cityI stay pretty busy at work and my side jobs, so it’s hard to find time to get out of the city. Last Saturday my church hosted a youth hike at a local park, so I decided to check it out with my son. Is it possible to find solitude in the city? I was kind of disappointed when we … Read the rest

Finally bought a sewing machine

Singer 328 sewing machineI never really learned how to sew. When I was a kid, my mom had a sewing machine that I used a little, but not enough to get good at it. When my Dad passed away in 2014, my Mom decided to downsize and gave the sewing machine to my sister. I’ve always been a little interested in learning how … Read the rest