KETO diet – just Man Up

There’s a blog I read on a pretty regular basis. The writer usually has good info but he tends to stuff his writing with lots of affiliate links. OK I guess, everyone needs to make money and after all I don’t have to click on them…

He seems to be on a new theme – the KETO diet. Nothing wrong with that either. I struggle with weight myself. I also researched the Keto diet and it does seem legit. So what’s the problem?

He makes it out as a big deal (and it is). He writes about how personal the struggle with weight is (and it is). Then, the inevitable product link. Booh… Really? Your idea of helping people is to post product links to crap that YOU sell???

The real deal about the Keto diet…

The real deal about the Keto diet is it’s simple and it works. The more real deal that almost no one promoting it tells you is that it’s SO simple you don’t need to hire a fucking expert or buy “proprietary” supplements to make it work. Can you read labels? Good. Then you don’t need to waste money to have people blow sunshine up your ass…

Keto diet in a nutshell

20 – 30 grams net carbs (total carb weight – fiber weight) per day max
1 – 1.5 grams protein per pound of your ideal body weight in kg
Remainder of calories come from healthy fats

Wow. Isn’t that easy? Here’s an example. I’m an “average” adult male, so I need about 2500 calories per day. I weigh 210 lbs, but my ideal weight is 175 – 180 (about 80 kg). Let’s do some simple math. 30 grams of carbs is a fixed max for the Keto diet. My ideal weight is 80 kg, so I need 80 – 120 grams of protein. I’ll go with 100 grams.

Carbs and protein each have 4 calories per gram. My carb/protein intake on the Keto diet is 130 grams, or 520 calories. If I need 2500 calories per day, that leaves 1980 calories I need to get from fat. Fat has 9 calories per gram, so that works out to 220 grams of fat.

Simple, right? If you can read labels and do basic math, there’s no need to hire a so-called expert. Are you with me so far?

What about the special supplements?

So-called “special supplements” IMHO are a special kind of stupid way to waste money. If you’re getting most of your carbs from green leafy vegetables, you’re getting all the micro nutrients you need.

You know, all that boring stuff like broccoli, spinach, lettuce, stuff like that. Eat healthy vegetables instead of popping expensive “proprietary blend” supplement pills? Who would have ever thought of that???

OK, rant over…

Bottom line on the Keto diet is that it does work. Bottom line on most people promoting the Keto diet is they’re trying to separate you from your money. You don’t need special supplements. You don’t need an alternative health care “specialist.” All you need to do is follow the basics – 30 g max carbs, protein based on your ideal body weight, and the rest of your calories from healthy fats. Oh, and stay hydrated. Everything else is a bunch of pure BS.

What about the coffee???

I’ll admit, my weakness was coffee. I love lots of honey and lots of cream. Problem is honey has 15 g of carbs per tbsp. I use(d) 1 tbsp per cup for 2 or 3 cups per day. Just 2 cups blows my carb intake.

Want to know a secret? It doesn’t take very long to get used to drinking coffee black. Man up.

Peace out,

USGI Military Poncho – WTF is so hard about getting it right???

USGI ponchoThe USGI military poncho is maybe one of the most useful things our military has ever produced. It can be used as a poncho (duh…). If you don’t need rain gear, it can be used as a tarp or made into a tent. Combined with a poncho liner, it makes a pretty nice 3 season sleeping system. Really, it’s one of the simplest and therefore brilliant ideas I’ve seen. A water proof skin, convenient size, hole for your head, and grommets along the sides so you can easily attach to it. Simple, versatile, extremely useful for preppers, backwoodsmen, a backyardsman, heck, pretty much just about any one. In fact they’re so useful that at least a few companies are making copies rip-offs of the USGI poncho. It’s such a simple design you’d think they could get it right but they don’t. And that really p****s me off…

WTF is so hard about this???

You’d think it would be easy to copy. All the clones I’ve seen are the correct dimensions, some are even made from better material than the original. So why do the clone makers insist on NOT putting grommets around the edge? You know, so you could actually tie it together with a woobie instead of just thinking about it? WTF good are snaps instead of grommets? Do the stupid snaps make it easy to lash the tarp to trees to make a poncho hooch? No, they don’t. So WTF does NO ONE make a USGI style tarp with real USGI style grommets along the sides?

Even worse, they market them in a way that impllies they’re “the same” as a real USGI poncho. ”
Men’s US Waterproof Ripstop Hooded Nylon Festival Poncho in Olive Green” by a company calling themselves Mil-Tec. Sounds legit, but it’s FAKE. NO GROMMETS on the sides like a real USGI poncho would have. Other favorite FAKE things I’ve seen them called are “Poncho Army Ripstop Ponch,” “USGI Style Poncho,” I’m sure there are more. And they’re ALL FAKE unless the have grommets around the edge, yet are marketed to make you think you’re getting a poncho that’s the equivelent to a USGI military poncho.

It’s not the quality, it’s the LYING…

If you don’t need the grommets, the quality on some of these fakes is actually pretty good. The quality isn’t the problem. The problem is if you need the grommets (which I do) and the company intentionally markets their non USGI poncho in a way to make you believe it’s compatible with a real USGI poncho. Guess what? Without the grommets, IT’S NOT THE SAME. Implying it is, is f*****g LYING. So why do they do it? Wouldn’t it be just as easy to put grommets around the f*****g edges and make it TRULY compatible with the USGI poncho?

OK, rant over…

Peace out,

Outdoor gear reviews…

kelty raven 2500It would be nice to find good, honest outdoor gear reviews online, but that is difficult at best these days it seems. I’m looking for a new pack. Nothing fancy, just big enough to hold enough stuff for a night or two out. I also want a good suspension system though, something with better support than just a set of shoulder straps.  In my case, I’m interested in the Kelty Raven 2500 and the Amron (Kelty) MAP 3500. I also looked at the Mystery Ranch Komodo Dragon, but it’s smaller than what I want (2000 cu. in) and too expensive for my budget ($375). So it was between the Raven 2500 and the MAP 3500. All I need to do is find some good reviews online to help me decide. Fire up Google, type in “raven 2500 vs MAP 3500 reviews” and…

Outdoor gear reviews mostly suck…

Every review I could find on either pack was on a vendor’s web site or it was one of those crappy cut-and paste “reviews” where the “author” cuts and pastes the manufacture’s product description, adds a sappy intro and conclusion, lots of “buy it here” links, and enough keyword stuffing to get the page to rank high with Google. In other words, every outdoor gear review I could find online for these two packs was absolute crap…

In search of a better review…

Since Google wasn’t any help, I turned to YouTube. I’m not really a big fan of outdoor gear reviews on YouTube, but sometimes you have to take what you can get. I did manage to find a fairly decent review of the Raven 2500 and another of the Map 3500. These gave me what I needed to know to make my choice. I chose… both.

Raven 2500 and MAP 3500 – why both?

After reading the product pages and watching the YouTube reviews, I decided on both packs. Both have features I like, but the Raven seems better for some uses and the MAP better for others.

The MAP 3500 is slightly smaller (2300 cu. in). The main compartment is panel loading, which basically means the whole side of the compartment opens up. It also has a separate front pocket with organization for pencils, etc. It also has a padded compartment for eyewear – perfect place to put my reading glasses. Each side has a mesh water bottle pocket, and there’s also a separate hydration sleeve in the main pack if you want or need to carry more water. Best of all it can be had in either of my two favorite colors, desert tan and foliage green. I think it will be a perfect summer pack.

The Raven 2500 is a little bigger (2500cu. in) and about a pound heavier than the MAP. It lacks the eye wear compartment but I think I can work around that. Instead of water bottle pockets, it has zippered pouches on the side. I think this will be a great fall/winter pack. Unfortunately it only comes in black or coyote brown. I think they’re both ugly, but I settled for the coyote brown.

Coming soon – my own outdoor gear reviews…

Since most of the outdoor gear reviews I’ve found are nothing more than advertisements and click bait, maybe I should start writing my own. In fact, I’m going to. I’ll have the Kelty this week so I’ll get to test drive it over Christmas break. I’ll get the MAP next month when my bank account recovers from my Christmas shopping. One more thing… if I do manage to find a great online review of a piece of outdoor gear I’m interested in, I’ll post a link instead of cluttering up the internet with duplicate content. OK, rant over.

Peace out,

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What is wrong with you???

Last week I had a simple problem – a flat tire – and a simple solution – use my cell phone to call my wife and ask her to look up the phone number of a towing company, tell them where I am, and have them come get me. Easy, right??? Well, except when the cell phone connection isn’t so great…

So I call… Her reaction was “I don’t know the phone number.” (Well, DEAR, look it up in the f*****g phone book. I mean, how difficult is that???) Then she asked why don’t I call my Mom and see if she has AAA coverage. REALLY??? (OK, I get the desire to save money, but I’m stuck in the middle of the f*****g desert with a flat tire…) Then the call dropped and I couldn’t get a signal to call back. Not that it would have mattered, I’d already learned more about how she reacts to a quasi situation than I cared to know…

After several tries, I was able to get a cell signal and call my Mom. Yes, she had AAA coverage, yes it would work on the truck, yes I had pen and paper to write down the phone and policy numbers, yes she had them to give to me (which she did), yes… and then I lost the signal again so the call dropped. Tried a bunch of times to call AAA, Mom, my wife, etc. with no luck. BUT… I have a 2 meter HT with all the local repeaters programmed in, and the 3rd one I tried resulted in a contact – “John” who took all my info and offered to call a tow truck (TT) for me. After about 10 minutes, he called back and let me know a tow truck was on the way, but the company told him it would be at least an hour before they got to me. Also told me he’d keep monitoring so if the situation deteriorated or the TT never showed up I could let him know and he’d take further steps to get me help. Fortunately that wasn’t necessary because the TT showed up just a couple minutes passed the 1 hour mark, used a proper jack to get me back on the road, so I headed home.

While waiting for the TT I was able to get a cell signal and call home to let them know I was OK, TT was coming, etc. Then I called my Mom to let her know, and since our first call had dropped and I couldn’t call her and she couldn’t call me do to lack of a cell signal, OF COURSE she assumed the worst and called the sheriff to launch a search for me. Good thing I called her while the truck was on the way so she could call the sheriff’s office back and have them cancel the search…

SO… later that night I was talking to my Mom and we were laughing about it, and she mentioned that the dispatcher she’d talked to mentioned that several cell phone towers were down due to local wild fires – which is probably why I couldn’t get a good signal. We talked about how “lucky” it was that I had my HT with me to use to call for assistance. Both my wife and mom were kind of irritated at me for “going off in the desert” without “being prepared.” Well, except for not having a proper jack I was – I had food, water, a good hat to protect me from the sun, and multiple ways of calling for help.

My proposed solution was for both of them to get their amateur radio licenses and a cheap Baofeng. THAT WAY, they can monitor the local linked repeater system and WHEN I’m out and about and IF I need assistance, they can talk directly to me without worrying about crappy cell phone reception. NEITHER ONE is willing to go there – “too much bother.” OK, so f*****g fine… just don’t expect me to sit there and listen to you bitch because you couldn’t get a hold of me when there is an obvious, easy, and CHEAP solution available. What is wrong with you???