Goodbye to 2020

Time to say goodbye to 2020. It was easily the strangest year of my life, but it was actually a pretty good year from me. I didn’t lose any family or friends to the virus. We got our house paid off. I went to Washingto DC with some friends for a Stop the Steal rally. I had cataract surgery so my distance vision is back to 20/20 in both eyes. Even better, my near vision is good enough that I can see my handgun sights without reading glasses. My employer has told me that because of budget cuts, my contract that expires at the end of June won’t be renewed. I’ve been looking for an excuse to “retire” so I consider that a positive. The best thingĀ  about 2020 was making some new friends. For a loner like me, that’s a big deal.

Early in the year we decided to experiment with indoor gardening. It actually worked pretty good. My wife saved the roots from some green onions and planted them. We set them inside a sunny window and watched them grow. Kind of surprising how fast they grew. We got about 3 cuttings before my wife decided she wanted the counter space back. Too busy with other things to try it again in the fall, but next year I want to do more.

Welcome to socialism in Amerika… Lines outside Costco caused by arbitrary limits on store access and people panic-buying toilet paper, dissinfectant wipes, etc. This was about 2 weeks after the government mandated shutdown. It would get better about a month later, but this kind of crap should be unnacceptable in a free Republic.

Went for a walk one day and came across this Great Blue Heron. Even during a pandemic there are things to find joy in. This guy was hanging out at the golf course about a half mile from my home. He let me get pretty close before he decided to leave.

Open Nevada Rally in Carson City. This was in early May, about a month after the state mandated shutdown started. Lots of families peacefully protesting for their freedom – to work, provide for their families, go to school, and worship.

For some reason, our esteemed governor thought it was too dangerous to go to church, so churches were closed by state decree. Meanwhile, liquor stores and whore houses were deemed essential so they got to stay open with some restrictions. You read that correctly – churches were shut down by government mandate while whore houses were allowed to remain open.

One last shot from the Open Nevada rally. Notice the attack dog. Notice the deputies armed with fully automatic weapons. Because you know, peaceful citizens exercising their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble make our governor feel scared.

More wildlife close to home. Found this garter snake on a walking trail near my home. I didn’t bother him, we were just crossing paths.

My son’s first time shooting an AR-15. Yes, I know we need to work on his shooting stance, lol… He actually did pretty good. We’ve since built him his own AR. It’s nicer than mine.

I got bored with the walking trails close to my house so I started looking for different routes. This is south of my home, at about the midpoint of a 5 mile loop. I like walking loops better than just walking out and back – a lot less boring.

My Chinese wife explaining to a Chinese news crew (out of San Francisco) why socialism and communism completely suck, why free markets are better, and what a tragedy it is that “Sniff” Biden and Heels-up Harris “won” the election.

Me and some friends with a group of very nice Vietnamese immigrants. These people had to live under communism, and came here to get away from communism. I also met people from mainland China and Taiwan who came here to get AWAY from communism – and the democrat party is working overtime to impose as much communism as they can on our Republic. OK, enough politics…

I closed out the year by going shooting with some friends. It was a place I haven’t been to before, and a lot closer to my house than my usual spot. We went pretty late in the afternoon, so we were still there as the sun was going down. It’s already behind the hill, but here is the last sunset of 2020. So beautiful and peaceful – especially after such a hectic year. Happy New Year, and may 2021 be a blessed year for you and yours.

Peace out,