How to be a Prepper

how to be a prepperIf you stumbled across this page you’re probably thinking “just what the world needs, another series on How to be a Prepper – NOT. Especially one written by a prepping newbie? You’ve GOT to be kidding…” A few months ago I’d have thought the same thing. I mean, there are already probably at least a billion or so prepping sites, most run by certified prepping experts. What could a newbie prepper possibly have to add to the conversation? Well, after spending way too much time reading a lot of these “expert” prepper sites, in my not so humble opinion I do indeed have something to add to the conversation. So here is my introduction on how to be a prepper from a newbies’ perspective.

About those expert preppers…

First of all, what makes someone an expert prepper? How long they’ve been prepping? I don’t think that means as much as you’d think. Here’s an analogy: My wife has been driving for almost 20 years. She is most definitely NOT an expert driver. Does writing about prepping make one an expert? No. Knowing a lot about something doesn’t make one an expert. One of my English teachers in college proudly displayed a sign in her office that stated “A Good Teacher Can Teach Anything.” That theory fell apart when I asked if she could help me with my calculus homework.

So, what makes someone an expert prepper? Experience is important, but demonstrable skill is more important. Knowledge is important but when you yourself are just starting out, how can you tell good info from BS? Does the expert actually know what he’s writing about or is he blowing smoke out of his a**? Follow this series and you’ll learn how to spot the fakes and tell who has actual good advice. Hint: if the expert insists that his scenario is the only scenario worth prepping for and not following his advice will lead to your death, it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere. Same thing if their writings are packed with “convenient” links to Amazon so you can purchase all the gear they’ve “tested” and recommend.

How to be a prepper

If you’re just getting into prepping, it might seem overwhelming. Especially if you visit some of the more “gloom and doom” oriented prepper sites. Prepping can also get expensive. In fact if your preps are realistic, it will be expensive over the long run. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy everything today. Keep in mind that prepping makes the most sense if it makes your life better whether or not things go bad.

This post (and hopefully more to follow) is my reaction to some of what I see as idiocy in the prepping community. That includes things I’ve read on prepper blogs (even ones written by “experts”) and stuff I’ve read in prepping books I’ve bought. I won’t even get into the idiocy that goes on in Facebook prepper groups and internet forums…

Soon to come on “How to Be a Prepper”:

That’s it for this time. If you have any questions or comments about how to be a prepper, please chime in with your ideas.

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