Getting ready for Hump Day

I’ve hiked before and I’ve carried a pack before, but tomorrow is the first time I’ve done it intentionally to get in shape. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a $295 ruck or a pair of $39 (each – ouch) weights to go rucking. I’m starting out simple with a 5.11 Covrt18 pack and some things to bring the weight up to. I’m not recommending this pack, just pointing out that you don’t need to spend north of $370 to hump a ruck.

With two 28 oz. water bottles, small laptop, notebook, a couple books for weight, and my CCW it comes to 15 lbs. That’s a little less than the 20 lb. recommended starting weight, but I want to start slow. After all, I’m old, fat, and decrepit.

Where to go?

I don’t know. The recommended starting distance is … not given. Just says 15 minutes per mile, 4 mph. I’m thinking of doing 1 mile in 20 minutes for my first time. If it’s too easy I can always walk faster or farther. I’m lucky there’s a few good walking loops in my neighborhood.