The big green tick…

large ALICE packSo I’m looking for a pack. I already have packs but this time I’m looking for something that can be my Get Out Of Dodge pack. You know, something I can pack enough stuff in to survive, thrive, and defend with. For at least a week… I wanted something tough and cheap. Style is subjective anyway. After looking at lots of bags, I settled on a large ALICE pack, aka the Big Green Tick.

I generally don’t trust product reviews. Most seem like they’re written by people who (a) hope you’ll buy what they’re “reviewing” so they can make a commission, (b) like to brag about how much they can spend, or (c) are trying to justify a purchase. So reading this post was kind of refreshing. Agree with him or not, at least he does a good job of explaining why he likes what he likes. Or doesn’t like what he doesn’t like. Based on his comments about the A.L.I.C.E pack I decided to try one.

Thing is, there are two A.L.I.C.E packs – medium and large. Some call the Large one “the big green tick.” Don’t know why, but it does kind of look like one. The pack I ordered was advertised as medium. Picks and measurements published by seller say it’s Large. Their FAQ say it’s Medium. I ordered hoping it’s a Large and yes it’s a Large. Genuine USGI with an NSN.

I see some debate about A.L.I.C.E medium vs. large. Fans of the Medium say it prevents them from over packing. Whatever. Fans of the Large say the smaller is too small to carry a realistic load. Whatever. I guess the only way to know for sure is to try them both and see what works for you, so I ordered a Medium A.L.I.C.E pack yesterday. It will be fun to compare them.

Peace out,