Get ’em while you can…

Well that was quick. Just after posting my thoughts on an affordable scope, I found out Nikon is getting out of the scope business. No more Nikon scopes will be made after this year. That kind of sucks because their Prostaff and Monarch lines at least were decent quality and affordable. And discontinuing it just when I’m ready to buy??? The good news is they’re still available. Ordered my Prostaff today for $327. Also ordered a Warne rail for my Remington 700. Decided not to go with the LaRue QD mount though. Not really sure what I’ll use yet.

I guess the take away is get things you like while you can. The market is very fluid and what’s there today could be gone and then you’re stuck with a lesser option (still kicking myself for not buying a Leupold Mk4 MR/T 2.5-10 when they were available).

The good news is they’re still easy to find for now. If you want one, get it while you can. Only question is how will the lifetime warranty work if Nikon is no longer making scopes? For me, taking that chance is worth it. Hope to have this mounted by Christmas, load some rounds, and do range testing over New Years.

Peace out,