Please send me some locust borers…

Please send me some locust borers!!! When we bought our home in 2003 it had a pretty black locust tree in the back yard. A variety of the black locust called purple robe. Besides shade, it gave us a show of lovely purple flowers every spring. The relationship turned sour soon though. It kept sending out little sucker roots every spring that invaded some of our other planting areas. I cut them down, but the shoots have these damnable thorns that hurt like hell and they go through leather work gloves like a knife through butter. Getting rid of them every spring turned into a painful PITA so we decided to get rid of the tree (heretofore referred to as the Tree from Hell…)

The Tree From Hell

After 3 years, the tree is worse than it’s ever been. The sucker roots are worse than ever and more prolific. Last year almost 1/4 of my back yard was cover with these g*****n things. Id cut of the branches, get stung by the thorns, and spray them with Roundup. Didn’t matter. They kept coming back, and keep coming back.

This year I’m trying something new. Digging up the stumps and pulling the sucker roots out of the ground. It’s hard work, it sucks. I just want to enjoy my back yard. Why does this effing trash tree seem so hell-bent on making sure I can’t? The sad thing is, I’m not sure that even pulling the roots out will solve the problem unless I can get ALL of the root. Even a missed fragment can grow into a new “tree.” This thing isn’t a tree, it’s a weed of the worst kind. Maybe even a Hydra…

How to kill a locust tree?

So how to you kill a locust tree without killing the rest of the plants in my back yard? I don’t want to use chemicals. I found out that locust borers are “often fatal to locust trees. Where to get them though? Can’t find them online. Couldsomeone tell me where I can get some locust borers? PLEASE???