365 Photo Project

OK, I’m officially bored out of my skull. Two days ago our governor governor announced that starting today, masks would be mandatory for everyone in a public place. Whatever. It’s too hot, too humid, and too damn windy to enjoy my back yard. My wife is bored too, and she’s decided it’s MY responsibility to keep HER entertained. Again, whatever. Sick of this whole Wuhan Chinese virus crap.

So……………. I decided to start a 365 photo project. I’m not a photographer, so for those who also aren’t here’s what it is. A 635 photo project is a challenge to take one photo a day, every day, for a whole year. The challenge is 2-fold: (1) staying motivated to actually take a picture every single day for 365 days straight, and (2) finding something interesting every day to photograph. For this blog, a third challenge is keeping all the pics relevant to Backyardsmen and Backwoodsmen.

I figured today is a good day to start, since it’s the first day of being “required” to wear a mask in public. So here’s my first one. Simple shot, sitting at the roll top desk passed down to me from my Dad. The rocks on the shelf were collected by my Dad, and the small framed photo is him when he was a little boy. I really miss him right now…

365 photo project day 1

Until next time…

Peace out,