Waterbob Emergency Water Storage

waterbob emergency water storage systemIf you’re looking for emergency water storage, the WaterBOB emergency water storage system gives you up to 100 gallons of emergency water storage. It’s made from FDA compliant food-safe plastic and fits right in your bathtub. It’s also inexpensive – less than $25. It’s the perfect emergency water storage solution. Except it isn’t, and I’ll tell you why…

I’ve been reading a lot lately about emergency water sources, and the WaterBOB is just the latest genius idea. Others are getting water from your water heater, toilet tanks, etc. They’re all great ideas – for people who don’t plan ahead. Think about it. If you have an emergency situation and suddenly realize you don’t have enough water, you’ve waited to long to think about water. In other words, you did a crappy job of prepping for your water needs. What kind of prepper are you anyway?

The truth is you need to think about emergency water needs before there is an emergency. Not during and not after. Here is a simple plan. First, buy 5 cases of 1 gallon jugs of water. That gives 30 gallons, about a weeks worth for a family of four. Next, buy a couple of Berkey black filters, a couple of food safe 5 gallon buckets, and make a water purification system. Next, get a food-safe 55 gallon drum and fill that. Your total water on hand is now 85 gallons and you have the ability to purify collected water when your storage runs dry.

Some times I just wonder where the common sense is. Why wait to store water until there’s an actual emergency? That’s kind of like saying I know I’ll need ammo if SHTF, so when it does I’m going to run to the store and get some. HUH? Lack of water will kill you in 3 days or less. Personally, if SHTF I have enough other things to worry about without worrying about collecting water. How about you?