What’s up?

Wow, what happened to the last seven weeks? I’ve been busy, not too busy but also run down. And above all, determined not to join in on the media shit show about that thing that’s going on. SO. How are ya’ll? SinceĀ  early March, in no particular order…

  • I have lost ALL patience for stupidity and stupid people. You know, like the morons that wait when the light turns green until it’s just about ready to turn red again before they go through, so EVERY ONE stuck behind them gets to wait for the next green light. Lots of other examples, that’s just the first one that pops into mind…
  • My wife finally understands the reason why it “might” be a good idea to plan and be ready for when things “ain’t normal.”
  • People who AREN’T part of your community, coming to your community for whatever reason, SUCK. WTF can’t they stay in their OWN communities while all this is going on???
  • Working from home gets a LOT easier once you make your family realize you’re actually WORKING and still have all those work responsibilities – maybe even more than normal.

Other than that, things are going pretty good. Looking for land. Hoping my EMT school doesn’t get cancelled. Built another AR. Found some guys to go shooting with. My wife is starting a garden.

Hope all is well with all of (OK, “both of”) you.

Peace out,