What did you do to prep this week?

This weeks preps – December 16, 2018

My prepping group met this past week. We talked about what to carry in your vehicle during winter months and alternative methods of heating if there’s a utility outage. One way that looked interesting is using two clay pots and a candle to make a small heater. I’ve got the stuff now so I hope to experiment with that this week. Next month we’re going to talk about home power generation so I’m also looking into solar panels.

Yesterday I took John Mosby’s advice and ground my own wheat to bake homemade bread. My mom has a wheat grinder so I borrowed that instead of buying one. The bread turned out OK considering it was my first try. The flavor was great, but the dough had too much water (or not enough flour) so the finished loaf was too doughy. To console myself I made a batch of homemade beef jerky.

I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing my garage and the family room. My kid wants a punching bag for Christmas and I don’t have room, hence the cleanup. I also bought a floor standing drill press for some projects I have coming up, and a small band saw so I can start making handgun grips and knife scales.

Besides that, I’ve been looking pretty seriously into moving to a different state next year. What did you do to prep this week?

Peace out,