What did you do to prep this week?

Unfortunately I didn’t do much. We’re still working on getting our rental house fixed and my job is still crazy. It was such a messed up week that I decided to postpone taking my FCC General class license test. Didn’t want to, but part of being a prepper is the ability to adapt and shift priorities, right? At least I managed to get a couple things done…

I spent some more time (actually all my free time) reading Cody Lundin’s 98.6 – The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive. I love this book and this isn’t a sales pitch (notice the lack of an affiliate link to buy it). If you’re interested in keeping your ass alive you should read this book. Well worth the time to read and his ideas on survival kits seem very solid. I ordered some stuff for my survival kit: an emergency whistle, signal mirror, light and heavy space blankets, and a shemagh. I’m still looking for strike anywhere matches and adjustable butane lighters.

I went to my first Permaculture Meetup which was interesting. I like the idea of permaculture, but the people I met who are really into it treat it as almost a religion. Kind of creepy, but they were nice. I did learn something about raising worms. Also went to monthly Preppers Meetup. Lots of good info and discussion, and I can relate to the regulars. Not sure I’ll ever fit in with the permaculture group.

Preppers gotta eat too, so I experimented with a few alt food sources. First thing to try was a pigeon trap. I didn’t trap any pigeons, but I learned a lot about what kind of birds you might attract. Sparrows, quail, blue jays, dove, and yes the occasional pigeon. The only birds I successfully trapped were dove, and I let them go. Hoping I can get more done next week,

So… what did YOU do to prep this week?

Peace out,